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7 speed mtd trans (good or bad??)

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i just aquired an older mtd lawn mower with a 11 hp has a weird 7 speed trans.. there is a shifter on the right side for your gear and a shifter between your legs for foward and reverse. anyone got any info on this trans.
is it good or bad. its got some weird pulley system im not used to seeing..

Not good for racing. It is called vari-drive. This question has been gone over
several times. All you do is burn belts off, and the ratio is way too low.

Search 600 or 820 pearless, those are the way to go, if you
are going to race transaxles. Peerless 700 or 350/400 if you
want to use a cart axle. I know some guys who made it through the season
with another transaxle, but some needed 3 of them, for a 15 race schedule.
Do some research, and see where you want to go.


Me and my brother ran into this when we were putting together his first mtd build and figured out that you need to put a differnt transaxle in it i would just find a cheap pearless 820 and put in it

I currently have mtd yardmansx2 and have changed the pulley size on the motor to run a slightly bigger pulley for the front belt,the vari-drive setup is not the best idea that they came up with ,but the one i have got going now is quite fast and is only set up to give people an idea what we can do here with crappy old rideon mowers.
I am trying to start racing here in darwin nt soon and the rear engine rover ranger mowers i have also are just set up with 6hp briggs and stratton go kart motors to also get people interested in it.

So far so good,the 14.5hp yardman hasnt burnt or thrown a belt yet so hopefully it will last until i finish my 22.5hp twin with peerless 700 trans on the spare mtd frame (as soon as i can get the other half to show me how to put photos on here i will) so as to help any one else in this crazy sport

Sorry if i rambled on ,but i am new to this whole forum thing but learning fast :bash: :bash: :bash: :confused: :oops:

does anybody know y the mtd yardmachine has 2 belts instead of one


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