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The USLMRA is pleased to announce that Race Results from the STA-BIL National Lawn Mower Racing Series are now being posted to MyLaps.com, the official results site for sanctioning bodies using AMB Timing & Scoring System and racers using an AMB personal Transponder.

Please visit:  http://www.mylaps.com/

On the home page, bottom right, click on “Other.”

Or direct link:  http://uslmra.mylaps.com

Links to USLMRA STA-BIL Series Race Results will then appear and you can then click on each race to view results and data.

If you wish to search for USLMRA events, then search for “Lawnmower racing”  If you search for “Lawn mower racing” you’ll see results from the British Lawn Mower Racing Association and the UK-based Northwest Lawn Mower Racing Association. 

USLMRA is proud to be listed on MyLaps.com and enjoy the prestige that comes with being part of this international motorsports community, further demonstrating our commitment to remaining the nation’s Number One Lawn Mower Racing Sanctioning Body.


AMB i.t., the world's leader in automatic timing and scoring systems, is the company who introduced the world to the first fully automatic timing and scoring system over 20 years ago.

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AMB's mission continues to be the creation of the most advanced automatic timing and scoring systems for all types of sports ranging from Model Car Racing to Professional Auto and Motorcycle Racing while working to keep costs affordable for our customers.

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AMB i.t. (Identification and Timing) was founded in The Netherlands, Europe on January 1, 1982. The company was named after its founder Alfonsus (Fons) Maria Bervoets.
In 1981, Mr. Bervoets developed a portable timing computer for model racing cars. Fons' brother, Pieter Bervoets, at the time owned a company named Serpent Racing Cars B.V. who still manufactures model racing cars. Pieter was looking for a secure and accurate timing system to make the racing events with the model cars more professional and attractive to newcomers.
Fons Bervoets and Frans Hin, friends from college, began working on a prototype of a transponder timing and scoring system for model car racing. Fons and Frans provided Pieter with a prototype which was implemented in a European Championship for model cars in Heemstede, The Netherlands.
After the huge success of the portable timing computer, AMB as a company was founded in 1982. AMB focused on producing a system that would extend the possiblities of the first portable timing computer. In 1983, Fons and Frans developed their first automatic timing and scoring system: the AMB 8300.
The first pre-production timing and scoring system for cars, the AMB 9000, was created in 1987. In 1989, the AMB 9000 system was used in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. AMB gradually began work on timing systems for other motorized and non-motorized sports such as Auto and Motorcycle Racing, Karting, Horse Racing and Bicycle Racing.
In 1996, Fons and Frans decided to step back from managing the company to focus on their common passion again: working with the R&D team to develop the world's most advanced timing and scoring systems. A new management team was introduced with Harry Q. van Dooren as President and CEO of AMB Products. A year later AMB Products changed its name to AMB i.t. (AMB Identification and Timing).

In 1997, AMB introduced the TranX160 and the TranX260 Personal Transponder, a giant step forward in the field of automatic timing and scoring. A Personal Transponder has a unique identification and timing number. When a car or motorcycle passes the finish line, the system identifies the transponder number, combines this with the exact passing time and sends this data to the computer.
In 1998, AMB started Track Timing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMB, which is devoted to making software solutions exclusively with AMB hardware. Track Timing's software is being used by IRL, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, ChampCar, AMA, NASCAR and many more.
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