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ARMA Board of Directors Annual Meeting
« on: November 30, 2013, 06:40:11 PM »
Every year the ARMA Board of Directors meets to review the season, receive updates on events for the following year, and discuss rule and procedure changes.  Every effort is made to solicit suggestions from ARMA racers since we believe that our racers are the driving force behind the success of this organization.  A preliminary agenda has been compiled utilizing the input provided by racers at the season ending finals.  ARMA racers who were unable to attend finals and wish to submit suggestions or items for the agenda should email me at the address below.   Feel free to email any questions as well.  Any submissions need to be received prior to the December 14th meeting. 

If you emailed me at any point over the past month or so and did not receive a response, feel free to send it to me again.  A glitch with my phone streaming resulted in some emails getting "misdirected".  I believe I have responded to all of those messages, but I want to be sure I did not miss any.

Stacey Crowl
ARMA Executive Director