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Author Topic: FNG saying Hi(with pic's)!  (Read 992 times)
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« on: January 17, 2013, 03:09:35 AM »

Hello from Pepeekeo, Hawaii.  An older gentlemen in my neighborhood has a nice little rat rod mower/tractor that he rides around on.  It looked to me like fun, so I found a beater on C/L for $100.  The mower deck didn't work but I didn't care about that.  I used an old bicycle brake lever for a foot throttle and de-governed it.  I took the rear pulley off(6 or 7 inch) and welded it to the top of the front pulley.  I made a little spacer to drop the pulley down to the original height.  This is by far the biggest front pulley I could install in this mower because of the frame.  I even had to slide the engine back about a 1/2 inch to get it to fit.  I bought a new 2 inch rear pulley.  If I would have put a little more thought into the gearing, I should have used the original size pulley from the front.  That way I could have used the old belt but I wanted to gear it for max top speed... that might have been a mistake?  This thing is now scary fast!   Not because of wicked speed but because the steering is so sloppy. It's like trying to drive a big rig on ice. It's so out of control that I haven't been able to pin it in 5th. I've done quick blips in 3rd and 4th and almost hit park cars. I think the thing will do 40+ mph!  It has a Kawasaki 17 hp 540cc OHV engine.  My question is, is there anyway of tightening up the steering linkage?  The steering wheel has almost a 1/4 turn of slop.  The front wheels have a lot of play in them also.  If I stack washers next to the retaining ring will that help?  I've only spent $50 on improvements and I don't want to throw anymore money into it.  I think this thing would be a lot of fun if it didn't drive like an out of control freight train.  Feel free to pick on the new guy but I think I did pretty good for $150...
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« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2013, 06:38:13 AM »

If safety is not worth spending money on, then you are in the wrong place (website wise).  We take what we do seriously and will encourage anyone to build a safer and faster machine, but we do not simply bomb around the neighborhood and such.  I appreciate the fact that you want to make it safer but that might cost a little money.  First thing I would do is improve the brakes, next I would find some heim joints for the steering and new bearings at minimum.  The 2 inch pulley will burn up your belt, not enough surface area to handle the load, I would use a 3 inch pulley on the rear as the smallest.

You never win a race by focusing on one aspect of the race!  Motor isn't everything, but you better have a good one!  Chassis too!  But remember, a driver can take a slow machine and make it faster!  I may not have/be the best of any of these but I'm trying!
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