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Need some input
« on: January 04, 2013, 03:41:26 PM »
i had a friend ask me an some input and ill ask you guys the same thing.

I need some input on a GT pull at Granite this summer.
I have been invited to attend the GTA board meeting Sunday of which they would like to know when to schuelde a  pull.
The questions are:
1.        A competition pull.
                                                                           i.      Would require a scale $ to rent?  We would have to pay for it.
                                                                         ii.      Charge for each hook.
                                                                        iii.      A number of people to run it.
                                                                       iv.      Trophies or cash price.
                                                                         v.      Set of rules
2.       A fun pull
a.       Free pulls
b.      2 or 3 people to run it
c.       No rules, just see how far you can pull the sled.
3.        No pull
The few I talked to in this area would prefer a fun pull for the first attempt to see the number that would like to participate.


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Re: Need some input
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2013, 05:16:19 PM »
Are there any GT Pulling Clubs in your area (you'd be surprized how far they'll travel)

Have "Them" put on the full compitition pull.... They will supply scales, sled and a fair complement of tractors as well as competitor insurance....

All you have to do is supply the dirt track and workers and drag back tractors..

Then if you can... get some local guys to fit in the "class rules" and pull with the group.

Not much point in "run what you brung/ pull as far as you can" if the tractors aren't "equalized" by scales or class rules...
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