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Author Topic: Meet the Moderators  (Read 3851 times)
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Tom Cole
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tjcolejr tjcolejr +tjcolejr tjcolejr
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« on: May 15, 2012, 08:36:36 AM »

Welcome to the forum!  This thread is here so the heymow moderators can introduce themselves to you.  The site would never have become what it has without the help of the moderators, many of whom have been here since day one.

My name is Tom Cole and I started this forum in 2005 to help promote lawn mower racing and the businesses associated with it by helping those involved connect and learn from one another.  I'm the computer guy behind the technical operation of the website.

My other sites:
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http://www.legendsracer.com   Legends Car Racing forum.
http://www.wattcycles.com      Electric Bicycle forum.
George Herrin
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« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2012, 09:31:09 AM »

I am George I been here from day 1 and before even, helped Tom get it up and going. I am not the computer whiz, I am a racer and I work for EC distributing which is a one stop shop for all your racing needs. KEY word I work for them. I try to help all I can as I remember how hard it was getting started myself. I live by (I have no secrets except those your not smart enough to ask about). I am not the hardest deputy here but I do my fair share too. I am more the technical go to guy race wise not puter wise. I been racing for 13 years and have 13 combined National Championships not counting those of drivers I have sponsored over the years.

George Herrin #6
Indian Power.. You gotta Go big to beat em or Go HOME
8 time ARMA National Champion
4 time USLMRA National Champion
Retired from BP
My other racer is a 1/5th scale Dirt Late Model!!!!

Global Pot Stirrer
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Winning is always fair!!

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« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2012, 10:24:15 AM »

I am the idiot known as "Rooster".
Mostly I am good for doing dumb things,running my beak, messing stuff up and causing problems...which I believe is why I was chosen to be a moderator!
I have been here a few years, been racing for a few, I am actually one of those that found Heymow before I even had my first mower built!
I Love Heymow, there is not a better site in the world for what we do!
If you need help with anything feel free to PM Me and I will do all I can!

I am a Machinist by trade(NO, I won't make you any parts!!), high performance race engine builder by hobby(though some may argue about the amount of performance in my boat anchor builds!) and I am about as "ate up" with mower racing as one can get!

Bert stole my cookies!!
 I think he used them to bribe Ed into something naughty?

Easy Parcheesy!!!!!!!
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Easy Parcheesy!!!!!!!

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« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2012, 12:25:45 PM »

My name is Paul.  I started racing mowers in 2002 locally.  In 2005 I built my first USLMRA legal mower and starting racing some national races.  I've never won a championship but I have a nice collection of trophys in my basement. 

I'm a farmer so my schedule doesn't allow me to travel to as many races as I would like.   I farm with my father. We grow corn and soybeans.  We use to have a lot of hogs and cattle but we couldn't compete with the larger farms so we sold out.  We still have a few cows, mainly so we can get fresh meat.

I have my censored in Agricultre Education with a minor in Agronomy from Iowa State University. So I'm not the "traditional" farmer.  I worked several crappy jobs before I got the opportunity to farm.  Now I love what I do.

I've raced in IMOW, SP, CP, BP, and FX.  I have built all my own mowers.  Even the one I bought I took it apart and modified it to my specs.  I do the majority of my own engine work as well.

My wife Candace enjoys the sport as well. She is usually at the races taking pictures. We purchased a toy hauler last year so hopefully we can do more traveling in the future. 


Paul Krueger
#150 Worlds First "sidewinder" FX (now dismantled)

#150 FXT  Sponsored by Zach Kerber Machine. http://zkbrmachine.com/

Easy Parcheesy Racing
I'm not fast...but man I can eat! INTEKS RULE THE PITS!!
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marc.baker.902 birdmanexpress
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« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2012, 01:14:40 PM »

My name is Marc. I arrived on the scene as a lurker for a few months, and joined in
in July of 2006. Before I built my first mower, I read the entire site. Alot has
changed in that early times, being it the enonomy, the technology of mower parts,
or the mower classes. But the one thing that stays constant, it the brotherhood of
the mower family. I get accused at times of making folks mad, or abusing my ban button,
but one thing is sure, when the integrity of mower racing, or one of my people on this
site have the chance of being attacked by another member, or a spammer, I get on that
in a pretty quick. I figure, I don't know as much about the whole mower building as some
of the folks on this site, and George Herrin another Moderator knows as much as anyone,
so I let them teach about mower building, while I try to keep atop of content of site instead.
I will lend a hand to adjusting pictures, and resizing a pic for an avatar whenever I see
one messed up, or a member requests help. Oh, and I leave Heymow stress at Heymow,
it don't go to the racetrack with me. Like a past President of the LSMRA club Skeeter said one time:
"This is my outlet for stress, if I wanted stress, I woulda stayed back at home and went to work!"


Marc Baker

ARC Dealer

Marc from ARC.... "Billet Billet"

Powered by a Full Bug E.C. 20HP Vanguard!!!!
"The Bandit"
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« Reply #5 on: October 02, 2012, 04:24:34 PM »

Hi My name is Ryan Kerr, I'm the only moderator located outside of the United States. The Border Bandit I guess . We have a lot of heymow members from Canada and other Countries around the world. I started reading on Heymow back in 2006 and have been a moderator for a couple years now. I'm on here on a daily basis but would be considered more of a quieter one.
I own Ryker Racing in Ontario Canada, we specialize in racing lawnmower chassis and components as well as race engines specializing in cylinder heads. I'm also the founder and V/P of the Western Ontario Outlaws sponsored by MTD Canada under the Troy-Bilt brand. 2012 was the first year racing on a National level in the U.S. with the USLMRA in the new FXT class. I really enjoy racing lawnmowers because it truly is a family sport, I go racing with my Dad and my Son every chance I get.

Ryan Kerr  519-332-9532
2007 Troy Bilt Grand National Super Modified Champion.
2008 WOO Outlaw/FXT class Champion.
2008 All American Lawnmower Championsip Outlaw twins champion.
2010 WOO Outlaw/FXT class Champion.
2010 AAMC Twin Outlaw class Champion
2012 USLMRA FX/T National Champion
2012 SRAAUSO FXT Champion<br /
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