Author Topic: Been gone but need advice  (Read 3225 times)

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Been gone but need advice
« on: September 08, 2009, 11:36:43 AM »
Hey all sorry its been a while i broke my arm and then had a death in the family... so i havent been able to come on. However kenny and i were talking and we need to know what kind of mower everyone recomends to start with. Should we use or not use some specific brands? Hit me up and let us know what we should do so we dont spend money and buy a bad mower that we cant use!

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Re: Been gone but need advice
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2009, 01:28:40 PM »
A free one is a good place to start and the best way to start. I'd probably go with an MTD because they are easy to work with and parts are readily available for those chassis. Just my opinion.
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Re: Been gone but need advice
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2009, 05:31:30 PM »
"parts available" as in pre-made stuff? Like tranny plates and steering column supports? Those items are very handy I admit, but not needed if you can fabricate. ANY front engine rider is a good one to start with. Some are easier to massage into a racer, but all of them require some level of fabrication. Any of the build threads on here will show how things are done, you simply have to look at what you have and adapt what others have done. My suggestion is to build a prepared chassis and build it the best you can afford. This way you can run in just about any class with the correct size motor and/or drive ratio for that class. USLMRA rules for prepared classes (j/p, a/p, b/p, c/p and s/p and IMOW too) have simular classes in ARMA. So that type of chassis is a great starter platform because it allows you to race just about anywhere at any level.

Now if you have a bunch of mowers to select from, I would pick one that has a peerless 700 series tranny or 600, 820 or 900 transaxles. You will save time and money if you can find riders with those driveline parts already installed. So study up on what the different trans parts look like and go find a mower. Engines can come from any thing. Build that last. Look for other resources too like motorcycle brakes, go-kart parts for steering and frontend. Most important, ask questions, search the build threads, be safe and have fun!