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Direct drive steering!? (New to lawn mower racing)


Hey, im new to the lawn mower racing world. Im currently working on my Dynamark Racer. I am worried about my stock steering system giving out on me when im racing. I havnt raced yet but would hate to have it happen, especially in a race. From looking at my steering system, i have NO idea how to make it "direct drive" i also have no clue how to "beef" up the front end.  Right now, i do not see why i would have issues with handleing speed. But im sure it would just be really touchy when going down straitaways and such. I was thinking about maybe putting stiff springs on the steering to give it more resistance. I think that would make it less sensitive. 

But i do not know how to make it better than the way it already is. Any ideas to make it stronger and not so sensitive at higher speeds? I would prefer not to spend a million dollars on it either. All ideas would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

the reason for having to have direct steer is because the stock steering setup on a lawn mower is made for 7mph and that is it, they are very sloppy, and cant be controlled and speeds more then they were made for direct steer is relatively simple go to the search box at the top of the page and type in "direct steer" you will get lots of hits and their are also drawn diagrams of how to set it up. safety first. also look at some of the build threads they will help you out as well with your setup. just read read read

All you need to do is tighten up the steering. Weld washers in, add new bushings on the bottom of the shaft, and add new ball links and it will work fine.

Westley Milburn #77W:
i would read up and learn how to make yourself direct steering....i cannot stand stock steering much play and u have little steering is the way to go i think anyway..

Thankz for your thoughts. I believe some of you have helped me before. And i appreciate the help. Like i said, im new to this. And wanna be safe, moreso protect others from getting hurt BECAUSE of me. And i really dont like having sloppy loose steering..... its not all that fun lol. But thankz again!


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