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1  For Sale / Misc. Racing Items / Hubs, Tecumseh parts, 017 parts on: July 24, 2016, 08:46:13 AM
1 pair of 1" bore dual pattern (4 on 4 and 4/110) rear wheel hubs. They were used for 1 or 2 races. $30+shipping

2 complete Tecumseh single cylinder gasket sets plus a bunch of other gaskets/seals  $25+shipping
2 pair of new VKE double valve springs. Comes with 4 billet ratianers for 1/4" stem valves.  $30+shipping

1 set of full roller rockers with pedestal for Tecumseh single cylinder.  $200 shipped

Peerless 017 parts for 820 transaxle. These are the factory Peerless parts used for speed up and locking of an 820 transaxle that are no longer available from Peerless.  $300 shipped.

All items will ship UPS. No pay-pal. Items will NOT ship until payment is recieved.
2  For Sale / Mower Engines & Parts / Tecumseh single cylinder piston rings on: May 05, 2016, 12:55:36 PM
3 sets of Tecumseh standard size piston rings, part number 36315.
These have been out of stock from any distributor for years now.
$50 a set, shipped, lower 48. No paypal.
Will ship once payment recieved.
No discounts for buying all 3 sets.
3  For Sale / Mower Engines & Parts / Briggs single valves and head gasket on: May 05, 2016, 07:17:39 AM
Briggs split lock valves, #792868 exhaust, #791935 intake and #273280s head gasket.
1 gasket, and 1 of each valve.

$35 shipped, lower 48 only. No PayPal. Ship once payment received.
4  For Sale / Mower Engines & Parts / (2) Tecumseh twins on: February 21, 2016, 06:12:03 PM
2 Tecumseh TVT691 v-twin engines for sale.
No starter or flywheel on either. Governor parts have been removed.
These engines were brand new, never fired. I then removed the governor components and they were used for 3 ice racing events.

I would be willing to make a crate and shipat purchasers expense.

$200 each, OBO.
5  General / Coffee Shop / Who would have thought on: December 28, 2015, 07:56:40 AM
Arctic Cat had at one time sold lawnmowers.

They could have chosen a better color.
6  For Sale / Mower Engines & Parts / ARC Tecumseh flywheel(s) on: December 20, 2015, 04:44:45 PM
For sale

2 ARC Tecumseh flywheels.
1 has 2 coil brackets, the other has only 1 coil bracket.
These can be used on the V-twins or 15-18HP singles with the Briggs coil.
Ring gear teeth are not prefect, but have never given me an issue.

$225 each + shipping. Lower 48 only.
No Pay-Pal.
Will not ship until payment recieved.
7  For Sale / Misc. Racing Items / Digatron tachs on: December 17, 2015, 04:37:34 PM

red tach is a model DT-53KMAX.
2 display. Has tach lead. Can do CHT, EGT, and lap times with correct leads.

Blue tach is a model RDT-31KLT
Single display. Has tach lead. Can read 2 temps and lap with correct leads.

Neither tach has been used in years. Have been stored with no batteries.
I would recommend they be sent in for overhaul to Digatron.

Either tach, $45+shipping. Lower 48 only.
Sorry, no Pay-pal.
Will ship once payment is received.
8  For Sale / Trannys / Axles / Wheels / Peerless 700's on: December 17, 2015, 04:01:22 PM
2 Peerless 700's for sale

Trans 1 is a 5 speed. No steel input or bevel. Has oil seal on input. May need input bearings.

Trans 2 is a 2 speed. 25/25 and 28/22 gears. Has steel input and bevel. Will need input bearings.

Either trans, $50 plus shipping. Lower 48 only.
Sorry, no Pay-pal.
Will not ship until payment is recieved.
9  For Sale / Mowers or Complete Setups / Mod-X C/P for sale on: December 01, 2015, 06:49:45 AM
Selling for a friend.
Mower has not been started in 3 years. I expect the battery to be dead. Last time it was raced, something broke in the trans. The brakes no longer work, will need new seals in master and caliper.

MTD chassis. This was one of our earlier builds. The front axle could use updating. Has 3/4" kingpins.
13x6.5-6 turf masters on Douglas 6-6.5 front wheels
16x7.5-8 turf masters on Douglas 8x8 rear wheels.
EC 700 transmission (something is wrong internally)
1.25" tubular moly rear axle.
MCP rear hydraulic brake. (Will need new seals/lines)
Odyssey PC680 battery (I dont know if it will come back to life or not.)
Digitron DT52K-lt 2 display tach. I think it only has tach lead. Has input for lap/EGT/CHT. Worked 3 years ago.

The engine is a 28ci Briggs OHV.
ARC billet flywheel.
Denso high torque starter.
ARC billet rod, AVS piston.
EC dominator Walbro LMT carb.
Isky #95 grind camshaft.
Light port work in cylinder head.
Billet split lock valve keepers, single valve springs.

Mind you, it has not been started in 3 years. I would recommend a good carb cleaning and possible tear down of engine.

Mower has maybe 15 races total on it.
One could either race this after some TLC, r strip parts to complete a new chassis.
Pick up only. Will not ship.
Located in Rosholt Wi.
$1300 OBO         I will try to get some pictures up tonight.
10  General / Post Your Video / We went to Iowa for corndogs, on: September 08, 2015, 12:39:08 PM
and a mower race broke out!

Guthrie Center ARMA race Supersportsman heat and feature


And Heat #2 and feature at River Bottom Raceway in Carlise


Riding with Troy Werachowski on the #2 Bertrand Hydraulics V-twin.
11  For Sale / Other / Briggs service manual on: August 23, 2015, 02:17:29 PM
Briggs service manual. Covers L-head single cylinders.

Make offer.
12  For Sale / Misc. Racing Items / 2 brake rotors, air filter, rear bumper on: August 23, 2015, 01:21:21 PM
2 7" brake rotors with aluminum hub for 1.25" axle.

1 air filter for single cylinder. Fit's EC carb adapter/velocity stack. Clamp is missing.
1 Outerwears prefilter and 1 K&N prefilter. Both fit the air filter listed previously.

1 rear bumper. Made to fit MTD chassis with 6" rear wheels.

Make reasonable offer plus shipping.
Will ship UPS.
Will not ship until payment received.
I do not do pay-pal.

PM with an address, and if residential or commercial if you want shipping costs.
13  For Sale / Trannys / Axles / Wheels / Turf pros and turf savers on: August 23, 2015, 01:16:01 PM
2 16x7.5-8 turf pros on Douglas 8x8" wheels. 4x4 pattern.
2 13x6.5-6 turf savers

These were used for ice racing, and have screw holes in them.
They work just fine with tubes.
The pro's have a liner and tubes in them. 1 holds air, the other leaks. I think we ran in a longer screw on accident.
The wheels have some scratches, scuffs and beat up a bit on the bead lip.

Make a reasonable offer, plus shipping.
I will ship UPS, as I can do it right from work, and it's easiest for me.
These will not ship until payment is received.
I do not do pay-pal.

PM with address and if residential or commercial if wanting an estimate on shipping costs.
14  For Sale / Mowers or Complete Setups / MTD rolling chassis on: August 13, 2015, 07:04:56 PM
MTD rolling chassis. Built by me. 820 transaxle, 017 kit installed. 3 speed.

6061 aluminum jackshaft assembly. 6' Phoenix trans pulley. Browning jackshaft pulleys.

MCP rear brakes, 6061 brake hat. 7" rotor.

Left side clutch pedal, right side brake.

Starter button and tether are steering wheel mounted currently.

Odyssey PC680 battery. Heavy duty starter solenoid, was set up for Tecumseh single.

Jackscrew right front spindle.

Douglas blue label wheels and turf masters all the way around. Rear are 4/110 pattern 8"x8", fronts are 6"x5". Rear tires in very good condition, fronts still have "nubs" showing.

Currently at 38" wide. Could meet new USLMRA 40" by going to 6.5" front wheels, threading spindle rod ends in and shortening tie rod. Rear hubs could be moved out with new spacers.

This chassis was ran 2 years as a Mod-x/CP. I had a few different drivers on it, and always ran at the front. Won a number of races.

Located in central Wi. (Rosholt to be exact). I will not ship. I would possibly deliver part way (depending on where) for a fee.

I also have a complete race ready Tecumseh single that is disassembled. For the right price, I could possibly be persuaded to reassemble and install it, time permitting.
15  Race and Event Announcements / ARMA Races / Sept. 5th, Guthrie Center Iowa on: August 04, 2015, 03:04:15 PM
Who's going?
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