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1  Mower Building / Setup Help / Driveline / Re: 700 Key on: January 02, 2015, 04:19:00 PM

   It's a 3/16" x 3/4" Woodruff key, and I get mine from Oregon -- www.oregonproducts.com -- Part Number 02-535.

Respectfully; Rodney Rom; Rom's Reworks; Butler, MO
2  General / Coffee Shop / Re: Most popular engine used in Lawn Mower Racing today? on: December 19, 2014, 05:48:18 PM
What makes an Intek cheaper than a Vanguard?

   Different engineering, specifications, materials, tolerances, and manufacturing processes.  Vanguards are made for the "upper-end" mowers, whereas the Inteks are designed, produced and priced for the mass-merchant ride-on units.  Vanguards are designed to outlive the Inteks, maintenance being equal.

Respectfully; Rodney Rom; Rom's Reworks; Butler, MO
3  General / Coffee Shop / 'Tis the Season... on: December 17, 2014, 09:39:51 AM

  A Blessed Christmas to All!  [color=orange]Or, if you are of the Hebrew persuasion, a Happy Hanukkah![/color]  And a Healthy, Safe, Prosperous and Victorious New Year!

Respectfully; Rodney Rom; Rom's Reworks; Butler, MO
4  Mower Building / Setup Help / Driveline / Re: Peerless 820 Transaxle & 017 Kit on: December 16, 2014, 11:53:10 AM
AXLE Addendum -- Additional Axles Available

  In doing additional research, I have found additional axles that are still available. They are:

Reply #3 Update:
Length (Left)        P/N                    Length   (Right)     P/N
11-5/8" (29.5 cm)    774907             15-1/4" (38.7 cm)    774972
12-1/4" (31.1 cm)    774796A           15-1/2" (39.4 cm)    774906
12-9/16" (31.9 cm)  774958             16-7/16" (41.7 cm)  774959

Reply #37 Update:
Length (Left)             P/N              Exposed length
11-5/8" (29.5 cm)       774907        4" (10.2 cm)
12-1/4" (31.1 cm)       774796A      4-5/8" (11.7 cm)
12-9/16" (31.9 cm)     774958        4-15/16" (12.5 cm)

Length (Right)           P/N              Exposed length
15-1/4" (38.7 cm)       774972        3-3/4" (9.5 cm)
15-1/2" (39.4 cm)       774906        4" (10.2 cm)
16-7/16" (41.7 cm)     774959        4-15/16" (12.5 cm)

5  Mower Building / Setup Help / Chassis / Re: Longer axle on front end on: December 12, 2014, 01:17:44 PM

   If the rules allow -- drill-&-tap a minimum 3/8"-SAE (fine thread) hole in the center of the outside of the spindle.  Tap right-hand thread on the right side and left-hand thread on the left side -- this will prevent the bolt from loosening while running -- and use red Loctite on the bolt threads.  Use Grade 8 bolts with lock washers and oversize flat washers.

Respectfully; Rodney Rom; Rom's Reworks; Butler, MO
6  For Sale / Trannys / Axles / Wheels / Re: New 8 x 7 Steel Wheel Rims with "4-on-4" Hub Lug Pattern on: December 12, 2014, 01:03:14 PM
do they come in any other color?
Big T,

   White is the only standard color these come in.  Any other color would require an order of 200.

   Sorry for the delay in answering -- my mistake.

7  Mower Building / Setup Help / Driveline / Re: More torque on: November 29, 2014, 09:57:56 AM

  What drivetrain are you running?  Transaxle?  Transmission & sprockets?  Pulley sizes?

Respectfully; Rodney Rom; Rom's Reworks; Butler, MO
8  General / Coffee Shop / Re: Happy Thanksgiving to all on: November 28, 2014, 10:00:09 AM
  Aside from the usual family, health and business things to be thankful for, I am also thankful for the Heymow website that allows us to share our knowledge, experiences and successes.  Yes, and sometimes, even our mistakes and failures.

Respectfully; Rodney Rom; Rom's Reworks; Butler, MO
9  Mower Building / Setup Help / Driveline / Re: Dedicated 820 Peerless Racing Transaxle on: November 25, 2014, 05:21:11 PM
I run those same gear sets in my 820 along with the next available gear set  (overdrive) utilizing a 6 speed gear set.


  Which gear do you use mostly, or does it depend on the track?

10  General / Coffee Shop / Re: Grass cutter question on: November 25, 2014, 05:19:11 PM

   If you got the Owner's Manual with the mower, look at the wiring diagram in the back by the Parts List.  The diagram should show what the part is.  If you did not get the Owner's Manual with the mower:
1. Get the Model Number of your Husqvarna off the label under the seat;
2. Logon to www.sears.som/partsdirect ;
3. Select "Model Number" in the first Search box, then enter your Model Number in the second box;
4. When your mower parts come up, go to the Wiring section and print out the diagram.
   If the Sears site doesn't accept your Model Number, you may need to try the designation on the hood, such as "LT2000."
   If sears/partsdirect doesn't help, try www.partstree.com .

Respectfully; Rodney Rom; Rom's Reworks; Butler, MO 
11  Mower Building / Setup Help / Driveline / Re: Dedicated 820 Peerless Racing Transaxle on: November 21, 2014, 12:16:17 PM
I also would not use those gear sets, but again, that's just me.  Only 2 people know what gear sets I use.  It will stay that way.

   There are 11 factory cluster ratios available for the 820.  If you "would not use" any of the six ratios listed in my suggested Dedicated 820, that leaves two lower-ratio gearsets and three higher-ratio gearsets.  Obviously, you do not run the lower-ratio gearsets, so by process of elimination from what you've said, you're using the 0.79:1 (28:22), 0.67:1 (30:20), and/or 0.61:1 (31:19) overdrive ratios.  More than 2 people now know...


12  Mower Building / Setup Help / Driveline / Re: Dedicated 820 Peerless Racing Transaxle on: November 19, 2014, 09:45:54 AM
Ed and I are hoarders, and we have several 820-017's that were bought on the cheap back when the 017 gear set could be had for $125 and new 820's for $100. $400-500 for a new transaxle is a little steep for something we don't need.

   Your planning ahead was good, but what about the newcomers -- those who haven't had the opportunity to stockpile desirable parts at below-bargain prices?  And if I understand what you are saying, the 820 is a durable transaxle, yes?

   I also have three 017s I'm "hoarding" -- one complete one I display in my shop showroom museum, and two that I have sold the 017 Gearsets out of to help out other racers.  I'll use the cases and clusters someday...  

   As for the price, keep reading...

Given the current obsession racers have with 700's, I don't think there would be much of a market for 820's.   Or maybe we just don't want our competition running 820's.

  Either way, your input is truly appreciated.

Quote from: cycloneracer
I agree.  It would be nice to be able to buy a new unit.   But the price will make it cost prohibitive.  

The EC knock-off tranny is $200.  I see them as disposable.   If one breaks, buy a new one.   They are cheap enough.   I replace mine yearly....even if it is still working.   Sell it for $100 and replace with a new one.    It is my cheapest maintenance.
   I don't quite understand your economic math.  If you buy a new cheap EC transmission for $200 and sell it at the end of the season for $100, it cost you $100 for the season.  After four years of racing, you have spent $400 for cheap transmissions, and have to replace one every year.  If you buy a new, quality Made-in-the-USA 820 for $400 and use it for four seasons, you have the same $400 invested, and will still have the transaxle.    

And with the popularity of the FX classes, transaxle and transmission demand will decrease.
  I'm not familiar with the FX Class.  Do they not use transaxles or transmissions?  How are they getting power from the engine to the drive wheels?

Quote from: redline
I also would not use those gearsets, but again, that's just me.
   OK, out of all the available 820 ratios shown in the Peerless 820 Transaxle & 017 Kit post here in the Driveline section, which ratios would you prefer?

Even I don't break the 5/8" input, so the 3/4" is not required in my opinion.
   The 3/4" input shaft is not only stronger, it also costs almost half what the 5/8" input shaft costs, due to the extra machining step of cutting the 3/4" shaft down to 5/8".  Remember, we're trying to keep costs down on this unit, and more strength at less cost is good.

Bert always agrees on beer. If you have it, he will drink it. Brand, color, shape or construction of the container is irrelevant.
  Back to economics here, with a touch of priorities: If everyone buying beer would compute how much money you spend on it in a year, or even a month, and spent that on racer parts instead, you'd have more available for racer parts.

13  Mower Building / Setup Help / Driveline / Dedicated 820 Peerless Racing Transaxle on: November 18, 2014, 02:52:12 PM
Heymow Transaxlers,

   Now that Peerless has the dedicated 700-139 racing transmission, I was wondering if they would be interested in offering a dedicated 820 racing transaxle, so I sent them an email with my thoughts:

   1. Reviving the obsolete 820-017 would be the best place to start.

   2. Like the 700-139 transmission, offer it "as-is" with no warranty, no lube, no brake, no Reverse (spacers instead), and since most racers prefer to supply their own axle, no axle.

   3. Instead of the late-model 820-017 ratios:
1st - 2.33:1 (15T:35T)
2nd - 1.50:1 (20T:30T)
3rd - 1.17:1 (23T:27T)
4th - 1.00:1 (25T:25T)
5th - 0.61:1 (31T:19T),
1st - 2.33:1 (15T:35T)
2nd - 2.13:1 (16T:34T)
     or 1.78:1 (18T:32T)
3rd - 1.50:1 (20T:30T)
4th - 1.17:1 (23T:27T)
5th - 1.00:1 (25T:25T)
to make it more of a "close-ratio" transaxle.

   4. Use the standard 772159 'A'-Input Cover, with the 770106 Case from the 017, so there are provisions for the shift shaft to come out the top and bottom.

   5. Include both the standard 778375 short Shift Shaft for racers who want to use the transaxle pulley-top, and the 778359 Shift Shaft from the 017 for those who want it bottom-pulley, allowing the shift linkage to remain on top.  Also include the 017 Welch plug to plug whichever shift-shaft hole is not being used.

   6. Use the standard 776274 Input Shaft (full 3/4"-diameter for strength), and have the racer who is using the transaxle pulley-down field-drill the side of the Woodruff key for additional pulley retention, to supplement the snap ring.

   I would guess that we would be looking at somewhere in the $400-$500 range on cost, but I asked them about this, as well.

   Please Reply with your thoughts and feedback so I can attempt to give them some possible volume figures, as potential sales volume will dictate whether they decide to produce it.

   As part of the email, I also asked if Peerless has ever done any dynamometer testing on transmission-vs-transaxle horsepower loss.  Some racers are of the opinion that using a 700 transmission with sprockets and chain to the drive axle uses less horsepower than a transaxle with its internal final-drive gears to the drive axle.  I question this train of thought, since the 820 final-drive gears ride on shafts supported by friction-reducing needle bearings, making the horsepower loss fairly equal to the chain being flung around the sprockets.  I will post whatever scientific engineering data they reply with.

Respectfully; Rodney Rom; Rom's Reworks; Butler, MO

14  For Sale / Want To Buy / Who Has It? / Re: 920-037 Peerless Transaxle on: November 18, 2014, 09:58:03 AM

   I have these available. I will email you directly.

Respectfully; Rodney Rom; Rom's Reworks; Butler, MO, USA
15  General / Coffee Shop / Re: Brr its Cold. on: November 17, 2014, 09:43:43 PM

   At the moment, it's single-digits here in west-central Missouri.  However, I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and remember the winter of 1977-'78, when it was so cold for so long, the Ohio River froze over in the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky area.  I was able to walk from Covington, Kentucky, to Cincinnati under the Suspension Bridge (the hmmm, hmmm, hmmm bridge in Rain Man).  Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Respectfully; Rodney Rom; Rom's Reworks; Butler, MO
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