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Coffee Shop / In Memory of George "SUPERMAN" Herrin.
« on: August 22, 2016, 02:11:27 PM »
This thread is to tell stories and share memories of George. 

He was a huge part of our sport and a major contributor to this forum.

I feel we need a place to share this info so it is all in one place. 

My stories will come a bit later. I wanted to get this started for those who want to share now.


This thread is dedicated to the memory of George Herrin.  George would post inspirational quotes and good news. 

This is the place to share quotes/information in the spirit of Georges "Wonderful Day.   

USLMRA Races / Upcoming IOWA races.
« on: June 19, 2016, 07:14:50 PM »
We have a couple of special races coming up. 

Sunday July 24.  7:00pm.
Cass county fair in Atlantic Iowa.   
This is a good sized fair.  It is free admission so there should be a good crowd.
There is tow money avalible for this race. 

September 3 and 4.  Labor Day weekend. 
Midwest summer shootout. 
2 day event.  The 3rd racing is at 7:00 pm under the lights.  1:00 pm on the 4 th.
This is at the famous River Bottom Raceway.  Black sticky dirt.  Permanent lights.  Transponder scoring. 
Camping is allowed at the track.  Although there is no power or water avalible.  So bring your generator.
This is a great event with some of the fastest mowers in the Midwest. 

The full schedule can be found at

Briggs Flathead / MOVED: Awesome Web page
« on: October 24, 2015, 01:12:56 PM »

Coffee Shop / Stolen motorcycle
« on: September 01, 2015, 12:23:41 AM »
My Landlords bike got stolen today.  

It had custom paint so share it everywhere.  

The air filter cover is the most distinctive part.  I won't share that.   The artist signed the tins do they can be identified

They stole it while we both were there. In the area.  It is a 14-15 harley Softail slim.  

Please contact the sheriff

I don't want to have to use my special hiding spot on a thief.  

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USLMRA Races / Midwest Summer Shootout September 5 and 6
« on: August 05, 2015, 09:04:29 AM »
Labor Day weekend 2 day race in Carlsile IOWA!

The Midwest Summer shootout
Presented by River Bottom Raceway
Iowa's Wildest Ride on Dirt
For Racers by Racers

One of the best tracks in all of lawn mower racing is hosting a 2 day event Sept 5 and 6.
We are cross promoting this event with the ARMA race in Guthrie Center on Sept 5.   The races are 1 hour apart and I have been assured if you attend the ARMA race you will be on the road by 5PM.

Sept 5
Pits open at 4:30
Hot laps at 7PM

Sept 6
Pits open at 10:30
Hot laps at 2 PM

They added lights to the track this year so night racing is no issue.   It actually makes the track faster as the track doesn't dry out.

Camping is allowed at the track although there is no power or water.   I'm sure they will be opening up the school for showers Saturday night.

I know there are several ARMA racers that will be making the races after the race in Guthrie Center.    I will be racing at that event as well.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Racing Mower Builds / MOVED: Free craftsman lt1000 racer build
« on: January 27, 2015, 07:29:47 PM »

Briggs OHV & Vanguard / MOVED: clutch lube
« on: January 04, 2015, 09:10:55 PM »

Racing Mower Builds / MOVED: Fxt or super modified twin
« on: January 04, 2015, 05:30:34 PM »

Post your Pics! / New parts!!!!
« on: June 04, 2014, 11:48:41 PM »

No decals yet but they are ready to run!!!

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