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Garden Tractor Pulling / Need some input
« on: January 04, 2013, 03:41:26 PM »
i had a friend ask me an some input and ill ask you guys the same thing.

I need some input on a GT pull at Granite this summer.
I have been invited to attend the GTA board meeting Sunday of which they would like to know when to schuelde a  pull.
The questions are:
1.        A competition pull.
                                                                           i.      Would require a scale $ to rent?  We would have to pay for it.
                                                                         ii.      Charge for each hook.
                                                                        iii.      A number of people to run it.
                                                                       iv.      Trophies or cash price.
                                                                         v.      Set of rules
2.       A fun pull
a.       Free pulls
b.      2 or 3 people to run it
c.       No rules, just see how far you can pull the sled.
3.        No pull
The few I talked to in this area would prefer a fun pull for the first attempt to see the number that would like to participate.

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