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Tecumseh Engines / name that ki motor
« on: April 14, 2011, 06:48:02 PM »
this is at the power plant of our pulling tractor, but we cant find any marking numbers, ETC to figure out what kind of engilo ne it is to get parts for it, can anyone help by pictures?

Driveline / Re: Name that transmission
« on: April 14, 2011, 06:30:24 PM »

thats prior to clean up, its wating to go back together cause i new a few peices. as i will show with the next picture

the shift keys forks, pins, what ever you would like to call them are toast, i need a set of them, as well the reverse chain gears, do they make spacers to take up there place? or should just removing the chain and replacing the broken sprocket be sufficent?

Driveline / Name that transmission
« on: April 13, 2011, 04:03:27 PM »
can anyone help me here,
ive obviously been able to deduce that i have a peerless transmission.
but the tag is gone and ive pulled the transmission apart and cleaned out that nasty grease stuff. and im about to put it back together, there are a few things i want to replace first but i need to know what i have, ill post some picures, and maybe one the seasoned folk out there can help me out!

Driveline / Re: Reverse chain
« on: April 12, 2011, 10:34:37 PM »
Alright just to clear up, those the two tiny sprockets on each shaft connected via chain, is for reverse so could i remove the chain and the transmission is still going to work fine? and aslo, what is the best fluid to use in the rear end for lub? gear oil, atf?


ALL drivers must have a DOT approved motorcycle/atv helmet. Long sleeve shirt, pants, and shoes (sneakers or boots).

ALL lawn mowers must have tether cord to kill power to engine.

ALL lawn mowers must have mowing deck, blades MUST be removed.

Races WILL NOT be delayed for people to get equipment working. If you are not ready at the beginning of the race the race will start without you and if you get your repairs done you may fall to the rear of the field.


All mowers racing in Stock class:

Cannot have altered drive pulleys, hydrostatic pumps etc.

Engine MUST be lawn and garden style engine.

MUST have a working brake.

You are allowed to unhook governor.

Exhaust and Intake modifications are allowed.


All mowers racing in modified class:

Altered drive pulleys, clutches, hydrostatic pumps are allowed.

Engine MUST be lawn and garden style engine.

MUST have a working brake.

Exhaust and Intake modifications are allowed.

Widened front ends are allowed.

Solid shaft rears ends, hydraulic brakes, and handle bars are allowed.

These are our local track rules, and this is what would be bulding for.
im not sure how closely these would follow rules of any other events, but thats arlight, the cloese bigg event is like 8 hours away for us at the tip of maine

Up in limestone maine, the closest place would probably some where in canada, since its only about a 5 minute drive to the border.

Hey guys
Very new to the lawn mower racing, our local small town race track just picked it up and we are currently working on one.

its heart is a 12.5 brigs and stratton motor.
Where are some place i can get parts. and what are some good things to do for this motor, any input will help!

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