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Title: BuiltTough Mastercraft/MTD build
Post by: BuiltTough on April 15, 2018, 01:16:08 AM
Im just getting started on this build, its my first "real" build that will be more than simple pully swaps. There will be a delay in updates until i can dig the chassis out of the ice and snow holding on to it right now.

Until then ive been working on toughening up a new/factory refurbished Foote 4360-7 transaxle i got for free to replace the basic FNR on the original chassis. (I know alot of you dont feel the foote transaxles are good for racing, but it was free, and unless i get some sponsorship, im building with what i can get for free or cheap)

So far Ive inspected everything in the trans and found a few "weaknesses" such as excess lateral movement on the shafts actually allowing opposing gears to bump into each other, poorly cast axle slot edges contacting the axle and causing drag, etc. those were easy fixes.

I also noticed bottom housing was cast with bearing slots, and the top housing was not. I decided I wanted to make use of them and since im doing things on the cheap, i wasn't about to pay the local machine shop to cut the matching slots, so i pulled out my dremel and callipers and machined them out by hand. For using a dremel and my hands as a CNC, i think they turned out good. i think the bearings will help with alignment, and keep the axle rigid/stable within the housing while also reducing drag. You can see pics of that project in the driveline forum (adding bearings to foote 4360-7 transaxle thread)

I've given it a one piece axle, and locked it using a variation of the doc locker method (i dunno if doc sprocket is on this forum, but if he is, THANKS!)

I locked my axle in place with snap rings and machine washers, i dont know if its the normal practice, but i like to use machine washers in pairs whenever possible so they ride each other instead of riding on a wearable surface.

Thats about it for now, i still have a few things to do to the trans before final clean, fill, and reassembly.
Looking forward to the day i can move the chassis inside and start tearing it apart.

Title: Re: BuiltTough Mastercraft/MTD build
Post by: BuiltTough on April 18, 2018, 12:31:58 AM
Ordered my new engine today. Gonna be a brand spanking new briggs and Stratton 24Hp vtwin pro series. Should be enough to do what I want.

Would have loved to get a vanguard, but Iíll see how this one does for now. If I can go bigger in the future, I have 2 carcass vanguards that need new blocks my small engine guy is willing to give me. They are just too big for the current race Iím building for.

Title: Re: BuiltTough Mastercraft/MTD build
Post by: BuiltTough on April 21, 2018, 11:04:57 PM
Time to get to work. Finally the snow melted enough to get my chassis home to get going on it.

Started the same way as most guys. Getting rid of everything i dont need/dont want. including the old 12HP engine. started a nice pile of useless pieces that could potentially find homes as something else.

Then i went and picked up the new 24HP Vtwin, and dropped it on to check placement. After a bit of wiggling around managed to find 4 holes that line up. Never bought a new engine before. I didnt know the block wasn't tapped for mounting bolts. so now im gonna have to dig out my tap and die set....wherever i put that when i moved here lol.

spent the rest of the day staring at it and planning the layout of everything else and finding more stuff that i dont need that i could remove. pretty much only keeping the frame and tin.

I also need to find a 110v welder to borrow for the next few weeks.

Now its time to browse the other topics and find some answers to questions.