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September 3 and 4.  Labor Day weekend. 
Midwest summer shootout. 
2 day event.  The 3rd racing is at 7:00 pm under the lights.  1:00 pm on the 4 th.
This is at the famous River Bottom Raceway.  Black sticky dirt.  Permanent lights.  Transponder scoring. 
Camping is allowed at the track.  Although there is no power or water available.  So bring your generator.
This is a great event with some of the fastest mowers in the Midwest. 

The full schedule can be found at Facebook River Bottom Raceway or Central Iowa Lawn Mower Racing Association , message your questions to us and or call Marty  641 218 4169 for information

USLMRA Races / Re: Upcoming IOWA races.
« on: August 08, 2016, 07:53:11 PM »
This is going to be another Awesome River Bottom Raceway event. Saturday night and Sunday day of racing on one of the best tracks in the country. Check out our Facebook page River Bottom Raceway and Central Iowa Lawn Mower Racing Association and our web page @

USLMRA Races / Re: June 6th ZTR Speedway Weatherby , MO
« on: May 29, 2015, 11:09:24 AM »
Yes this race has been cancelled.

What time of the day do you have your races?

USLMRA Races / Re: June 6th ZTR Speedway Weatherby , MO
« on: March 29, 2015, 04:57:52 PM »
ZTR Speedway has its own insurance . This is not an USLMRA sanctioned event . There is NO USLMRA Membership fee required.They run USLMRA rules for the sake of being compliant with us , being Kansas , Iowa , and Illinois. Jake runs Karts , Quads and has pulling events so he went another way with his insurance. So this race is open to all of us but you must pass US tech ESPECIALLY Billet Flywheel!Exceptions being GP classes and they must meet RPM rules. Any questions? Please comment Thank you Marty

USLMRA Races / June 6th ZTR Speedway Weatherby , MO
« on: March 25, 2015, 11:49:06 AM »
The Central Iowa Lawn Mower Racing Association and The American Heartland Lawn Mower Racers of Kansas will be racing at
ZTR Speedway Weatherby , MO on Saturday June 6th. Mowers from everywhere are welcome to come and join us at this event and enjoy this new facility built in Northwest Missouri by Jake Cameron . This will be a night race and pits will open around 5:00 and hot laps around 7:00 . Please spread the word and lets make this a great event for Jake and his crew as they are trying to get started in our great sport. Check out their Facebook page at or just search ZTR Speedway

2015 CILMRA/River Bottom Raceway Schedule
May 15th Exhibition Race at Marshalltown Speedway Pits open at 5:15
May 24th RBR in Carlisle Pits open 11:00 Hotlaps start at 2:00
June 6th ZTR Speedway Weatherby , MO Pits open at 4:30 Hotlaps 7:00
June 27th RBR under the Lights Pits open at 4:30 Hotlaps 7:00
July 13th Marion County Fair , Enduro and Race Tentitive start 7:00
July 25th Boone County Fair , Boone , IA Pits open at 5:00 races at 7:00
July 26th RBR Pits open at 11:30 and Hotlaps at 2:00
Aug.14th Exhibition Race at Marshalltown Speedway Pits open at 5:15
Aug.22nd RBR under the Lights Pits open at 4:30 Hotlaps 7:00
Sept. 5th and 6th Labor Day Special 2 Days of Racing
Sept. 5th pits open at 4:30 and Hot Laps start at 7:00
Sept. 6th Pits open 10:30 and Hot Laps start at 1:00
Sept. 27th RBR in Carlisle Pits open 11:00 Hotlaps start at 2:00
Oct. 25th Trick or Treat Race at RBR Pits open at 11:00 Hotlaps at 2:00
November No Snow Lets Mow To Be Determined
Changes May Occur as Needed!

We will be racing twice in October , the 19th and our annual Trick or Treat race on the 26th at RBR in Carlisle , IA. Hot laps start at 2:00 . The temps are cooling down ,but the racing is heating up with the guys trying to gain a championship at the Wildest Ride on Dirt! On the 26th bring your kids in costume and Trick or Treat with the drivers in the infield . Candy and fun for the kids and family. Its always a great time. Admission is $5 adults kids 10 and under free. Concessions available or bring your own. See you there!

USLMRA Races / Racing Saturday September 28th at RBR in Carlisle ,Iowa
« on: September 18, 2014, 11:25:26 AM »
As racing around the country draws to an end we are still going strong! Come back to one of the Fastest Tracks in the Midwest and race with us. We will run mowers an 390 clone flat carts. Inspection opens at 11:30 and drivers meeting is at 1:30. Hot Laps start at 2:00. $20 to race. $20 for pit pass. Admission is $5 adults and kids 10 and under are free! Concessions available or bring a cooler with the beverage of your choice.

Thanks to all of you that came. It was a lot of fun. We'll see you all real soon. Thanks to the RBR staff and the USLMRA staff for making this happen in less than ideal conditions!

Time is getting close . Can't wait to see everyone here this weekend. Bring your mowers and lets have some fun!

 We are going with 3:00 on Saturday and 1:00 on Sunday. Sign in will be at the track.
No night race, We have a band in the infield that night. We will only have a night race if the weather acts up and we do what we have to
Here is a link to the story a local radio station is doing on the event

The time is getting closer for the best mower racers in the country to show what they've got . We have the facility ready and we are eager for all our friends from across the country to come back to Carlisle , Iowa and River Bottom Raceway  . This is one of the best tracks and surfaces in the country and the staff is second to none. We have plenty of room in the pits for camping and there will be lots of activities after Saturdays race with the band P.O.W playing in the pits. We have lots of local restaurants and eateries for you also. Come and join the fun!

There will be a Lawn mower enduro Race at the Marion county Fair in Knoxville Iowa on July 13th at 7:00 PM. Most laps in an hour wins . $200 for 1st . This is for super stock and stock. No true race mowers for this. 1/10 mile track on the Knoxville Speedway. The Guys from CILMRA and River Bottom Raceway will put on a show after the enduro. Come race the enduro and bring your good mower for the show after. Got to or look at the CILMRA facebook page for details and information or message Murphy7x on here.

We have changed the CILMRA Web site a little bit. Putting up some new pictures and we will still be posting news and information as it comes for the races as it comes. Check us out at or Look us up on Facebook at Central Iowa Lawn Mower Racing Association or River Bottom Raceway. Our next points race is May 25th at River Bottom Raceway in Carlisle Iowa See you all Soon!

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