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USLMRA Races / Re: 2019 USLMRA Rule Revision
« on: January 17, 2019, 02:51:44 pm »
2019 USLMRA Rule Book Link:

USLMRA Races / 2019 USLMRA Rule Book & Revisions
« on: January 10, 2019, 10:05:57 am »
As States last year we would not rewrite the 2019 Rule Book, but would add a revision to the 2018. Here is the revision.

Rule Changes/Clarifications of the USLMRA Rule book
As of 1 Jan 2019

As stated in the 2018 edition of the USLMRA Rule Book, every year beginning with this edition, a change document will be written noting changes, updates and reminders.

 For the 2019 racing season the following are items to be noted:

Rule reminders:

   No push pull steering in any class,

   Rear axles either have lock collars or a nut and bolt through the axle, no longer will C-clips be allowed,

   Front spindles will use either lock collars or castle nuts with cotter pins, lock nuts will no longer be sufficient.

   Age for J/P will start at 9 year old by the December 31 of the race year.

   The age of GPK is 11 years old and you must have at least 1 race year with more than 6 Races in the J/P class before moving up to the GPK Class. (Cleared by NKA)

   FXS or FXT Class, No front or rear wing are allowed. Only original mower fenders, hoods and Frames

   No Tubular frames allowed in FXS/FXT or any other class. Must use original frame, which can be reinforced.

   All Governed classes will remain on the track after feature and kept running for RPM checks and for JP and IMOW Tire Pressure check. Leaving the track or shutting the engine down will result in Disqualification

   Race numbers should be of a sharp contrasting color from their background, and should be visible from all four sides of the mower for grid line up and scoring purposes. Class letters, should be a minimum of 2” high, and be shown on both sides of the mower.

   Transponders should be mounted with the bottom pointing downward in order to for its signal to be picked up by the scoring cable across the start finish line.
Rule Changes:
   In all classes with exception of FXS & FXT only actual lawn mower seats will be used
   No pressurized  or electric fuel pumps are authorized
   Homemade kill switch devices will not be authorized for use
   Mowers with fuel, oil or brake fluid leaks will not pass tech or allowed to race
   :
Addition of G/P Twin with following guidelines: 
1) Engine must be originally manufactured for use in lawn mowing equipment and be completely stock with the exception of air filter, air cleaner or velocity stack. Must have stock air filter assembly and filter) Crankshaft must be in original orientation and clearance hole in the frame. Max RPM will not exceed 3650. Maximum Engine Size of 44ci.
2) Exhaust design is open, but must terminate away from driver and competitors, in a rearward and/or downward direction and present no apparent safety hazard.
3) Starter must be onboard, either electric or pull-rope.
4) Driveline may be modified from the engine pulley to the rear wheels, but must utilize a shift able lawnmower transmission or transaxle. No Veri-Drives, No centrifugal and or torque converter clutches.
5) Rear axle may use open differential, locked, “live” or solid axle. No single wheel drive.
6) Rear axle should use shaft locks, center bolts, or thru-bolts to secure the rear wheels.
7) All steering linkages must use ball-type or spherical threaded rod ends.
8) Front axle may be pinned, bolted or welded into stock position. No suspension, no shock absorbers. Axles must be a 1-piece beam design.
9) Front axle and steering may be reinforced, substituted or fabricated. In the case of racer-fabricated axles, these will be subject to the judgment of the Technical Inspector as to their apparent safety for racing.
Aluminum may not be used as the material for the one-piece axle
10) Rear axles must be either lock collars or a nut and bolt through the axle, no longer will C-clips be allowed, Front spindles will use either lock collars or castle nuts with cotter pins, lock nuts will no longer be sufficient. Cotter pins, E-rings and C-rings alone, bent nails, hitch pins; over-center pins and quick-release pins are not sufficient for wheel retention and are not approved.
11) Wheels must be the same size on each axle, of any origin, made of metal. No dual or tandem wheels.
12) DECK: Mowers must mount steel factory decks: The deck must be at least as wide as either running boards    or body edge whichever is wider. Decks may not extend any more than 2” beyond the tire sidewalls on each side.    Deck halves may be mounted to running boards. Decks must be secure.
13) SAE-rated trailer or lawnmower tires must be used. Kart tires are not authorized for this class.
14) Footholds must be discrete, and no more than 2” high, made of flat or “L” stock (no rod stock), and made such that the foot cannot become entangled in a roll over.
15) All parts should be of lawn mower origin with the exception of those specifically mentioned above or otherwise allowed under Sec. VII.
16) Hoods and body parts such as fenders may be upgraded from year to year only if the parts are from the mother company and any subsidiary company of said mother company.
17) External ignition Systems are not allowed.
18) Mower must have original stock flywheel.
19) Fenders may be discreetly moved and altered as noted in section VII, (BB).
20) Must use axle mounted brakes, no lawnmower transaxle or transmission mounted brakes.
With the lower mower count in the past several years it has been decided to merge the SP and CP classes in to one. With the extremely low mower count in the AP Class We will run AP one more year then Eliminate the class entirely in 2020.  However AP can be run at local and affiliate chapter races in year 2020

Coffee Shop / Re: FXT CLASS DIEING OFF????
« on: July 21, 2018, 09:33:56 pm »
We replaced FX With FXSingle and FXTwin..

Coffee Shop / Re: FXT CLASS DIEING OFF????
« on: July 21, 2018, 11:53:04 am »
I'm not sure where you are getting your information but I will be in Wamic scoring that race for the USLMRA National Points and FXT's will be there as strong as ever.. and Yes you can run duel carbs..

USLMRA Races / 2018 USLMRA Rule Book
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:48:46 am »
Here is your 2018 USLMRA Rule Book..

USLMRA Races / Re: 2016 STA-BIL National Series Schedule
« on: March 19, 2016, 10:42:28 am »
Looks like we need to start have regions for national races!! A East region, West region and Midwest region.

Todd, We tried to put together a system several years ago.. I's still on the table..

USLMRA Races / Re: 2016 USLMRA Rule Book
« on: February 04, 2016, 10:21:34 am »
The 2016 USLMRA Rule book is now updated and online at Version January 31, 2016

USLMRA Races / Re: 2016 Rule Book
« on: February 03, 2016, 04:05:10 pm »
Can we please have the nerf bars explained the picture doesn't work very well
I have cleaned up the photo's in the updated rule book.. Should be posted soon.. Web-Master has it for upload..

USLMRA Races / 2016 USLMRA Rule Book
« on: January 12, 2016, 10:14:46 am »


The Cerro Gordo races are the 15th and 16th of August in the first link it has the 22nd and 23rd that is incorrect.
Its the 15th & 16th.. I'll get the web master to correct.. He probably pulled the wrong schedule link we sent him..

Thanks Jeff.. I'll relay this to Manny..

6 May 2015
          Subject: Amendment/Change to the 2015 Rule Book

1.   After ongoing discussion with the National Chief Steward Rich Webb and having spoken to several Drivers last season and at Avon Park, Charlottes Motor Speedway and Atlanta race this year it has been agreed upon to make the following changes to the 2015 Rule Book effective on this date 5 May 2015.

2.    Due the increased speeds that today's race mowers are achieving it has been decided to change the 2015 rule book to allow all “Prepared Class Mowers and  the FX Class” to have Side Bars commonly known as Nerf Bars mounted on the running boards as long as they meet the set dimensions noted below. Note that sheet metal/aluminum will be used to cover the side for added protection if they are used on these mowers.

(Image in attachment)
3.   Additionally “Prepared Class” Mowers with Horizontal Engines that were factory built with such will be permitted to have driveshaft’s as long as the Mower has an operational Clutch, however the drive shaft will go to a shift able transmission and the transmission will connect to the rear axle by either Chain or belt.

4.   In the FXT Class Driveshaft’s will be permitted as long as the driveshaft connects to a gear box. At no time will the driveshaft be connected directly to the rear axle.

5.   As stated previously these changes take effect immediately and will be included in to the 2016 rule book

6.   Questions can be directed to Manny Torres @ or the National Chief Steward Rich Webb.

Honda and Clone Engines / Re: Carburetor return spring help?
« on: March 05, 2015, 05:43:38 pm »
Sorry it took so long to respond.. This drawing was in a lost file.. Here is the recommended set up for the Double Spring Return on a Slide Carb.

USLMRA Races / Re: remote mounted oil filters
« on: February 20, 2015, 04:14:04 pm »
Are remote mounted oil filters allowed in CP class?
I see no problem with it..

Honda and Clone Engines / Re: Carburetor return spring help?
« on: February 12, 2015, 04:51:33 pm »
Contact Manny Torres USLMRA National Tech by e-mail at and he will send you a photo.

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