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Drag Mowers / Transaxles
« Last post by s.jenkins on Yesterday at 12:59:25 PM »
Do the drag mowers useing transaxles shift?
800 series with locked axle
Coffee Shop / Re: Werd.
« Last post by BIG AL 202 on Yesterday at 10:51:14 AM »
We all stop at some time. I'm starting to sell off some of my stuff also. I'm playing with mini bikes and go karts with some of the neice's and nephews, it's fun.
Coffee Shop / Re: Carrier performance
« Last post by boxcar on Yesterday at 07:02:39 AM »
Heymow is a great site. Iíve learned so much on here. I wish more people involved in our great sport would start visiting this site more often. Keep up the great work Carrier Performance!!

Coffee Shop / Re: Carrier performance
« Last post by bestforyourhome on Yesterday at 06:04:17 AM »
Amazing information thanks for sharing.
Briggs Flathead / Re: 214524 Piston
« Last post by BIG AL 202 on February 21, 2019, 04:37:55 PM »
That's really to bad.If we don't have the box or know exactly what it is for that makes it a guess. Could be a good guess but a still a guess. It really is a good thing most of us know what we are dealing with.
Look in the links for cam grinders.
Briggs OHV & Vanguard / Re: 49 ci Briggs intek Connecting Rods
« Last post by BIG AL 202 on February 21, 2019, 04:23:15 PM »
So are we dealing with a 49ci Intek? When you use stock 49 you have to change them very regular to not do what happened. the use of ARC billet rods are the only real way to stop that. ARC rods will break but no where near as easy. I have seen ARC rods spin 10,000 rpm'sand live in smaller Inteks.
Does anyone know where I can get a custom 3hp Camshaft made for my 3hp briggs and stratton.
Trannys / Axles / Wheels / Re: Parts for Sale
« Last post by kellett5261 on February 20, 2019, 02:56:27 PM »
Have 2 Peerless 700 race prepped transmissions.
Also have 2 complete 1 1/4 rear axles complete with 4 on 4 wheel hubs, mechanical caliper with rotors. Sprocket holder, assortment of #40 sprockets, and #40 transmission sprockets.
Would like to sell as a complete set up, but willing to break it apart. Make an offer on it

i need a tranny and id take a full axle set up. how wide is our axle your selling?
Briggs Flathead / Re: 214524 Piston
« Last post by PJG56 on February 20, 2019, 01:12:25 PM »
What is the number on the top of the piston. I have noticed that number does not match the number on the box. Can the number on top of the piston be crossed to a part number? I have several piston without the box. Thanks

Big Al,i believe numbers stamped in top of piston maybe a lot # ,no way to cross to pt#
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