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New From New Hampshire
« on: January 10, 2020, 05:15:45 PM »
This all started right before thanksgiving when I saw a YouTube video about lawn mower racing. A few weeks later both my brother and I had bought machines to race. Here to learn all I can. Iíve always liked building & fixing things - mostly cars & guitars - and lawn mower racing looks ridiculously fun. Hereís where Iím at with my machine.

1. I have a Murray 4050008xB? - Itís almost totally stripped down so I can start frame work.
2. I got the engine running - Briggs 13hp single cylinder - I havenít gone through it but Iím good with engines so Iím not super concerned.
3. Iíve read the rule book and am gonna run this bugger in SP class. It seems relatively straight forward and competitive without being nutty.
4. Currently looking for parts - peerless 700, axles, researching front end options etc. and figuring out the next steps.



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