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Hello all - From Southern Maine
« on: October 14, 2018, 07:05:41 AM »
Hi there guys and gals,

After last winter's substantial (for me) project, a '78 Fiat roadster resto, I got use to having a garage project for weekends and considered another. I've had an interest in small engines and antique lawn / garden tractors so I thought I might try my hand at a racing mower build. My arsenal has one candidate imo, which is an early 70's (my guess but not verified) Yardman:

 This was a freebie and I like the look. Frame sheet metal is thick and excellent cond. I have welding and fab skills, tools and access to a res. garage machine shop if needed. Also have a supply of 1'x1'x1/8 wall square tubing and some 1"x2". My iron worker friend has a scrap area I can rummage as well. I spoke a couple times to a local racer and discussed ARMA Super Stock build and printed rules / build rules. He said folks around here build to ARMA.
 Frame has been stripped of all components and I'm looking at reinforcing it. Mocked up on table w/ 4.25" ground clearance and need actual turf tires and decent wheels and hubs to determine live rear kart axle location and to-be-built front axle / steering design and dimensions.
 I have a couple Peerless 700's, a 5 spd and a 3 spd. I've gone through both and they are tight and excel. shape.
 Having never done this before I know will take longer but I'm pretty detail oriented and confidant I'll pull it off eventually.

 Here's a recent project I'm just finishing dialing in the belt drive and will cut a cardboard pattern for a sheetmetal guard today:
1960 Wheel Horse Suburban w/ new 212 Predator (just noticed the pic isn't w/ new engine).

 This does pretty good wheelies w/ new engine. Tractor also came w. original cart. This pic the day I brought it home:

 Also have a freebie Bolens ST125, w/ Briggs 12.5 opposed twin non running. Been troubleshooting this off-n-on, replaced magneto / coil yesterday and fired up for the first time in years. Will rebuild carb and get tractor working but not sure of any future plans.
 Also have 1956 Frankin-Bolens that's running, a very nice Simplicity hydro, and a '04? Craftsman LT1000 17.5 that's mint, pulley swapped and maybe someday a woods / mud mower.
 Oh, and a picture of the Fiat:

 I'm sure I'll be a regular visitor here and I'm look forward to learning from your expertise.