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Average HP Kohler Command
« on: June 23, 2018, 09:28:36 PM »
Hello, new to the forum, and recently have had an itch to build a mower.  The engine of choice is a Kohler Command CV740.  I know it's impossible to give an accurate hp number due to different variables but really just looking for a realistic guess based from you fine folk's experience. So here is what I have in mind for the build. Oh I should also add that this will be run on a dirt oval track, I not sure the size, I'm thinking 1/4 mile?

I am shooting for good usable power from 3,000-6,800/7,000

Bore 3.46"
Stroke 3.1"
Flat top pistons
Billet 7075 rods ( longest that will fit) w/bearing inserts
CDI ignition
Tuned 1bbl with Vacuum Acc. Pump
245/251 @.050 106 LSA .501 Lift mechanical flat tappet
Close Chamber heads w/ 1.50 intake-1.3 exhaust, fully ported, milled, cc'd to achieve 11.5-12:1
Billet Flywheel
Long tube header 1"

I'm here to learn so if you could answer some questions, that would be great.
This is going to be a budget build but not really sure where to save and where to spend.

The pistons are cast, will these hold up under the rpm's or should I spring for forged

Can the 1bbl be a viable choice, or should I swap it for a 2bbl? I was looking at the acc. pump on this decision but guess it would be useless once the rpm's are above a certain point.

I ported a head I had laying around, didn't really enlarge it, only matched to the intake and straighten the port to the bowl, then just rolled the short side and blended everything with a sanding roll.  I also knocked down the guide bosses even with the port roof.  I think I know your supposed to keep the cross section area before the bowl 80% of the seat.  I think I screwed this head up but was just trying to get the feel for the cutter.  Not looking for secrets just vague points in the right direction.

I was figuring if I done some research and planned everything out, I could expect high 30's low 40's?

Many thanks

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Re: Average HP Kohler Command
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2018, 05:12:24 AM »
Get hold of Midwest Super Cub.
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