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peerless 400 setup
« on: December 31, 2017, 02:41:37 PM »
I'm tying to get some information on setting up a peerless 400 transmission for use in a go kart build, the only things I have set in stone is that I'm using this transmission an 8 horse briggs and stratton horizontal shaft engine, a centrafugal clutch and chain drive everything else is flexible

I want this thing to have a long service life as possible as replacing it means a different trans as I doubt I'm going to find another one of these based on the info I have been able to gather

What I know is its a 400, which means it has needle bearings which is a plus and the gear ratios are roughly 6:1 for 1st, 4:1 for 2nd, 3:1 for 3rd and reverse seems to be 3.5:1 which makes no sense I would have thought reverse would be about the same as first

So what I need to know is what kind of oil or mix should I put in it after I tear down and clean it

is it better too spin the trans fast or or keep the rpm low

can it be operated when turned on end like I've seen done with the 700s

can I use the trans backwards (i.e. input as the output and output as input)

This is a mild build general use kart I don't really need to go more than 30 or 40mph tops

I have been having trouble finding specific info about this
Any help is greatly appreciated