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Governor issue
« on: April 08, 2013, 01:23:25 PM »
The motor I have questions about is a 22.5 vtwin kohler command. After sorting through several issues it still seems like it doesn't rev all the way with the throttle lever. I have check the adjustment and everything is set right. I have only minor experierence with the commands and more with the opposed and k and m series kohler. Is this normal for it to not open to wide open throttle on the commands? I am running a gas pedal on my back yard racer and on the old k series I coul hook to the throttle shaft and it would rev to WOT. The commands don seem too. On the single i had prior to this motor i had a similar issue and ran straight to the gov shaft. The vtwin throttle linkage on the carb barely moves off the throttle adj screw. If I mess with the throttle stop on the linkage it revs higher but wants to bark if that makes sense. Yet if I push on the gov shaft itself it will rev out. Does this sound normal to anyone? Any help would be appreciated.