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Kohler KT17
« on: May 05, 2010, 08:57:52 AM »
 I have a JD 317 that cam with a KT17 series I engine that blew due to oiling problems . The person I bought it from had it replaced with a Kohler 18 HP motor. It blew on me with the same reason the series I KT17 had problems. When I started checking it out i found the it still had the shoud with the KT17 ID plate. I know the made a KT17 series II to replace the Series I, but know I need to find out, is this actually a KT17 series I, A KT17 series II or a Kohler 18 Hp motor. Can Anyone Help in Identifying which it is? What is the difference in the Series I and series II, and 18 HP. The ID plate  on the shroud says KT17 but I don't know if they just pot the origanal shroud back on.
Thanks for any help.