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ARMA --SOMA Membership
« on: April 15, 2010, 10:56:35 AM »
I've heard that some of the drivers at Elerbe were not aware that since they were SOMA members that they were also ARMA members & are welcome to run at any ARMA race.I've sent membership cards to Rex Crouch Jr to give to you drivers.Membership papers are on the way to Stacey so she'll have copies of all members.
On behalf of the ARMA and SOMA organizations we are pleased to make a long awaited announcement.  After months of communication between the two organizations it was felt that a spirit of cooperation between the two sanctioning bodies could be beneficial to many racers.  Although ARMA will continue to race solely for points and trophies, SOMA will allow racers the option of participating in money races.  Both organizations are actively working to promote the values of family, friendship and safe racing.  Hopefully this cooperative effort between the organizations will foster further examples of this in our sport.  For the 2010 racing season by joining either organization, you will automatically become a member of the other organization.  Trying to contain costs, but increase racing options will hopefully allow our respective racing families to grow.  We wish everyone a spectacular racing season and hope that everyone will take the opportunity to come out and join us at one of our events.

Aaron Crowl
ARMA National President
ARMA National Race Director

Carey “Hitchiker” Hulett
SOMA President

Carey Hulett aka Hitch
Engine builder,fabricator & shop owner
B&S and Harley Master Tech
2008 ARMA Sportsman National Champ
Owner of The Worlds Fastest 5hp Mower Documented @ The Texas Mile
Founder & President of (SOMA) Southern Outlaws Mower Association
Owner of Southern Outlaw Speedway
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